Nas & Hit-Boy – 1-800-Nas&Hit

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Nas & Hit-Boy – 1-800-Nas&Hit Lyrics

No, my brother, you've got to buy your own
Yeah, woo

[Verse 1]
Yo, it's like the box sets
Star Wars, Fast & Furious franchises
Six projects, six sagas, it's hood science
4 A.M. infomercials tellin' you where to buy it
1-800-Nas&Hit, all six like a greatest hits
No, my brother, you got to cop your own
Whether we did diamond or hardly sold
We did it for our soul
Hop out the V and park by Neiman Marcus
Hope I don't see a snatch and grab
They shop for free, I pay the charges (Straight up)
If Huey was a rapper, he would say some wild things over a sample
Think about it, shh
If Malcolm was a rapper, he would say some shit over the breaks
Come out with nеck snappers, I promise, shh
They would bе singin' the same song as me
Probably not killed by the CIA or the industry
Know where black hands be on black Glocks
No backstabs or sad plots, we let them rot

1-800-Nas&Hit, don't call us with no politics
And when you talk to us make sure you talk to us with common sense
This one is Goliath, big, leaped over a giant bridge
Called my counterparts, I told 'em they gotta try this shit
Let's win, let's win
Let's win, let's win

[Verse 2]
Finally killed the King's Disease, I see what a genius see
Unclutter your mind for once, let me set the scenery
Put down the diamonds and blunts, put down the wine and the cups
Put your ideas in play, it ain't what it seem to be
Don't get stuck in the Hollywood shuffles
Did a show, they snuck in the trailer and stole the duffle
You thinkin' major, they thinkin' tiny, they tried to Deebo
Please, don't remind me the reason I bought these Desert Eagles
Got Ron Isley age difference on my missus wishes
Hit a store the receipt look like a Christmas wish list
Cougars waist trainin', salute, amazin', ain't it?
Health, I praise the single mom life, casual datin'
I can put a love story on the silver screen
Then put this song in the trailer, you see it in between
The nightly news and the shows you be watchin' on the sofa
She text me, "Come over, let's play your discography"
She in disbelief just from my 2020s run
I'm the inspiration, I ain't gotta look for none
This one is Goliath, big, leaped over a giant bridge
Called my counterparts, I told 'em they gotta try this shit
We holdin' leadership conferences, haha, yeah
For the hood, for the kids
Let's win, let's win
Let's win, let's win
Credits roll
Six albums, in how many years?
We havin' fun, a crazy run, time flies
Dial the number, 1-800-Nas&Hit
That's, 1-800-Nas&Hit, leave us a message
Let us know when y'all want us back again
We'll spin the block to be there for you
Nothin' but love, Hit-Boy on the boards
Your man, the maestro himself, Mr. Jones
It's just natural like that's what it gotta be
Shout the engineer, David Kim
I know we been drivin' you crazy, you like, "What? Again?"
Another one, you just like, "When do y'all take a break?"
Shoutout to Gabe, Big Double, Peter
My man Ant Saleh
Did you ever imagine?
Ayo, shout out to my man Big Hit, just came home
He already takin' over the whole shit, you know?
Shout out to C3, that's third generation
You be in here goin' crazy in the studio, havin' fun, watchin' cartoons, playin' video games while we recordin', vocalin'
That's my man
Shout out Big Des and Knight
It's all about the next generation
That's what we here for, the next generation
Of course to Jung, the crew, the family
Big Lef, Modo, Jav Kevinsky
My geysers, Che, what up?
All my peeps, yeah
Haz, I said, Haz, yeah, let's hear it back
Too many to name
Em, The Company
Exit, what up?
Mass Appeal
Annie, everybody, thank you

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