Animal Collective – Soul Capturer

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Animal Collective drops this impressive song titled “Soul Capturer“ after long anticipation, and made it available for Free Mp3 Download. Moreover, this track was taken off Animal Collective‘s newly released studio album titled “Isn't It Now?“.

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Expected September 29, 2023

Animal Collective – Soul Capturer Lyrics

Climbs out of the woods
One, two, my fingers extend
So this is the one with the lead vocals?
[?] that'd be thirty seconds ago
Yeah, just so you know we're not gonna be recording this naturally
Anybody else?
Are you imagining it, like
Join us, and have a wonderful day
And thirty seconds, that's pretty good right?

[Verse 1]
Soul Capturer, now it is the season
Soul Capturer, goodbye William Tell
You need your lunch, you need a crutch
You think too much about the crying
Spoiled and the Capturer got you tied

[Verse 2]
Soul Capturer doesn't need a reason
Soul Capturer nurtures you then bails
Your life is a ring around its fingеr
Lets you linger in the light
Soul Capturеr, always on the rise

[Verse 3]
Soul Capturer, drunk off of your teasing
Soul Capturer, come to crack your shell
You need a hush, you need a push
You need some tush, it gets you high
Pulls you from the rapture every time

[Verse 4]
Soul Capturer feeds off of your dreaming
Soul Capturer watching through your eyes
It is your cook, you are its rook
It writes your book and keeps you trying
Soul Capturer always leaves you dry

Soul Capturer always leaves you dry

[Verse 5]
Soul Capturer, it knows no feeling
Soul Capturer puts you in a cell
You'll lose your mind, going blind
Changing sides every time
Soul Capturer leads to your demise

Ooh, don't tempt me
Don't know what I'm gonna do in there
Ooh, don't tempt me
Don't know what I'm gonna do in there
Ooh, don't tempt me
Don't know what I'm gonna do in there
Ooh, don't tempt me
Don't know what I'm gonna do in there
(ereht ni od annog m'I tahw wonk t'noD)

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