Ayra Starr – Commas (Audio)


Ayra Starr

Song Title
Commas (Audio)

Released Year
this song was released in 2024


Commas (Audio) ” by “Ayra Starr ” is a hit song that is sure to stay on your playlist for a long time. The song is a perfect blend of catchy melody, relatable lyrics, and haunting synth elements that make it an instant crowd-pleaser. with its global popularity, it's no surprise that “Commas (Audio) ” has taken the music world by storm and is sure to remain on the charts for a long time to come.

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Ayra Starr – Commas (Audio) Lyrics

(Initiating rage process)
Oh no
Eh-yeah, eh-yeah

[Verse 1]
Na which kind life wey I never see?
I carry God, so I fear nothing
Steady increasing the commas
Comma, comma, comma
Original, no be parody
E no fit clear for your memory
Whether na winter or summer, ajeh

Barbados, Havana, livin' life
See my fire burnin' bright
Wetin dey inside me?
Smallie wey dey mighty
Dem never know I kala tori mo fine
Check and balance everything inside my mind daily
Trust me, you can't fool me

Energy wrong, I log off (Log off)
Mowa friendly and conscious (And conscious)
I'm allergic to isokuso
I'm not ready for confusion (No, no, no, no)
Dem telly me make I show love (Show love)
Sability on gbona
Everything na connection
I'm not ready for confusion, oh

[Verse 2]
Things happen inside life
Draw tattoo, make I live my life
Dreams come true, if na fight
Fight the fight, make you no go tire
Fire dey go, fire dey go
You need to put your body and soul

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