PHOTOS: Meet Ruger, The Talented Young Musician Who’s Not Blind But Covers His Eye With A Patch

In the Nigeria entertainment industry, a talented artist has sprout out, and his style of dressing, music is really different. The handsome Nigerian musician covers one of his eyes like a pirate which makes many ponders if he is blind.

Micheal Adebayo popularly known as Ruger was reportedly born in 1999. Rugar is a talented Nigerian singer, songwriter who became a sensation after his widely accepted music “Bounce”.

During childhood and before fame, Ruger like many other musician started from church choir where he sings beautiful melodious songs to praise God's name before following his career path. The one-eyed Nigerian musician was discovered by Don Jazzy's brother, D'prince who later introduced him to Don Jazzy.

Ruger was nurtured and groomed into an amazing musician, then was signed into Jonzing entertainment, a record label owned by Don Jazzy's brother, D'prince. The record label already has the likes of Rema in the label who was really successful and Ruger knew he was in the right path.

Photos of Ruger;

Photos Credit: Ruger's IG

Ruger has a unique style as he is always seen walking around with one eye and covers one like a pirate. This situation has made many inquisitive about the lifestyle of the musician. Many wonders if Ruger is blind, the answer is the handsome musician is not blind but cover one of his eye as a sign of respect to someone.

According to Ruger in his interview with Max Fm, Ruger revealed to the whole world that he is not blind but he is only covering his eye because of respect to someone. Ruger reiterated that the story behind him covering his eyes is something he wouldn't like to talk about to respect the person.

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