Look At Two Nigeria Celebrities whose looks differently after their Marriage

The lives of celebrities are just like open books, people pay attention to every detail. When there is any little change, it won’t take long before it is noticed. In this article, we shall be looking at 2 Nigeria celebrities whose looks changed drastically after they got married.

Marriage is beautiful and all the changes are for the best. The single life is quite different from the married life. There are certain things which tend to change about a person once they get married. This is also true for celebrities as well. However, in this article, we shall concentrate only on looks. Have a look at the 2 Nigerian celebrities who looked different when they were single.

1. Adekunle Gold

Image Credit: OperaNews

The Nigerian popular musician, Adekunle Kosoko popularly known as Adekunle Gold is one of the Nigerian celebrities that had a drastic change in their looks after they got married. Adekunle Gold got married to his associate, Simisola in 2019. However, towards the ending of 2019, we started noticing some changes in his looks.

First, Adekunle Gold who always rocked clean low cut started grooming Afro hairstyle. To accomplish this, he began to plait his hair. And now he has beautiful full-grown hair which his wife braids for him. He often shares pictures from these lovely moments on his social media handles.

Another change we noticed in Adekunle Gold is his well-built muscles. The Adekunle Gold we know during his single days looks quite different.

See some of his pictures when he was single.

And now that he is married

2. Regina Daniels

This beautiful and talented actress also got married in 2019 to Ned Nwoko, a Nigerian billionaire. Their marriage is blessed and everything seems to be working out fine. Regina Daniel is another Nigerian celebrity who had a noticeable change in her looks after she got married. 

As a single lady, Regina Daniels was more on the chubby side. However, shortly after her marriage, fans started noticing some changes in her looks as she began to drop weight drastically. She is often pictured exercising will her husband and relaxing by the poolside? 

Well, she looks very fit now.

See some of her pictures when she was single.

And some recent pictures below.

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