Tips On How TO Send an Email as a Text Message

How to email text messages from iphone orhow do you send an email as a text message, in this process you configure your email account directly on your iPhone with a series of taps or steps. iphone has been kind enough to insert the technical stuff needed to access some of the stuff as the most used email services.

For the following email services, you need to have your e-mail address and password as far as the following concern: iCloud, MS-Exchange, Google Mail, Yahoo!, AOL and Outlook dot com in relation to how do you send an email as a text message.

You can add an email account to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and it comprises of two ways like you can set up an email account in the Mail application on your iOS device either automatically or manually.

If you do not know how to email text messages from iPhone and then you intend of doing so you have come to the following procedure. Here you will get to know the way on how users can email their text messages directly from iPhone messages.

How To Email Text Messages From iphone

How do you send an email as a text message, in a recent, many iPhone users are seriously concern about how to come about forwarding or composing a text message as directly from their iPhone to email as text message.

Fortunately enough in the above statement, it is easy to do while following a simple procedure that will guide you here. As a new user concerning iPhone world, you will get to find it easy in doing so even if you are not aware of it.

However whatever may cause the reason of not be able to know how do you send an email as a text message is here we are going to mention how you can email text messages from iPhone as you will able to so after word.

No matter if you want to email a single text message or multiple messages you can refer to this guide as we have covered method which works for both. So make sure and get interest as there are very simple method of doing what you are anticipating for.

Here, you will be provided with some simple steps and its so easy on how to email text messages from iPhone. All you need to do is just to follow the guideline that will be provided and you will be able to forward or save iPhone text messages to email without any cause for alarm

As for how do you send an email as a text message, what you need to take note of is you can forward a text message from iPhone to email using the mobile or cellular network only as you needs to notice that if you are using a Wi-Fi connection then you may likely get an encounter with error messages.

And also if you find the important text messages on iPhone somehow get lost from your mobile phone or application, you need to follow the guide to get the lost messages back as soon as possible in order to retrieve back.

How do you send an email as a text message, steps to follow to text email text message from iphone mobile which goes thus;

  • Step 1

You will get open the messages application on your iPhone mobile and you will switch next to that conversation you want to address the email, the next under this procedure ia that you will press and hold down the message and after that you will click on the more option to pop up some action words as you required with the click.

  • Step 2

After the procedure above, in this stage you will select text messages in which you want to email text message to the phone, then you will click on the forward or send button as the case may be which always appear on the bottom-right of your iPhone screen.

  • Step 3

How do you send an email as a text message, now after the completion of the two above steps and procedures the next thing to do is you will enter the email address on which you want to forward or send text messages to as required from the space.

provided and finally the last move is you will click on the send button to send your email text message from your iphone mobileHow do you send an email as a text message, so once you successfully followed the above procedure to the end that is all you have to know about how to save text messages from iPhone to email text message from iphone mobile.

No matter which iPhone model you are using that is any type of iphone product whether it is iPhone XS or 8 or any other, make sure you follow this guide as it’s reliable. As you can see, with the help this guide, you can easily get email text message sent from your iphone.

How Do i Send Email To SMS Free 2021

How to send email to sms free 2021, if you are actually a busy schedule business type owner, you need to be in communication expecially via mail with your employees and clients throughout the day so get to know how do you send an email as a text message.

But on another note of concern, if you are always away from your computer system but regularly into your phone, it wont be difficult to communicate via email as sms and it’s not always possible or appropriate to send a text when an email is the best way to get your message to a recipient.

How do you send an email as a text message, or perhaps you keep a to do make a list on your phone as a schedule, and you like to email content into a folder on your mobile. With this aspect of your concern you can get to know about this article.

So as a regular business person or users of phone media and you have a data plan on your phone or you are having access to wi-fi in your area where you are getting use of your cellular service and you intend to send email so sms for free.

While fortunately cell phones allow users some unexpected resources in the palms of their hands on how do you send an email as a text message. It is actually possible for you to send emails via text message.

And if you have the opposite problem and find yourself without cell service of on free data It’s easy. As you can still also send and receive text messages from email accounts, here is how you can do so by following the steps below:

To Send an Email to Text Message/sms Free 2021 on Your Phone:

  1. 1.Open your texting application on your device mobile phone.
  2. In the recipient field that is specify for receiver of the email, enter an email address where you would normally or meant to specifically type a phone number.
  3. After the above steps you can now write your message as normal sms and send it to the destination. At this stage your mobile cell phone provider will convert that your message into an email account that you specified.

You can also note concerning how do you send an email as a text message: When you send an email to text message or sms free 2021 it will show up as a regular email with text in the body of the email.

And also if you include or you sent photos, videos or audio files as the email to sms that you send, those will come through as attachments also. In this means of sending email to sms as it is stated earlier you can easily apply.

In the from field will be the mobile number with a domain attached to it as in the case of other addition. As in the domain that appears depends on your cell phone service provider in relation to the process of the mail.

Here also we get a few examples of what your sender email will appear as and if you are using one of the most common carriers. You will enjoy the process at its interestingly free to use without having a data plan.

Cheapest Bulk Email Service

The following are the list of the cheapest bulk email service:

Pabbly email bulk service

Pabbly Email Marketing is a great choice for email owners who want to send bulk emails to all their prospective users in just a click. With this email marketing service, you can manage your contacts, email lists, and establish direct contact with your customers.

MailGet For Cheap Bulk Email Service

MailGet is by far the most reasonable and affordable email marketing service that comes up with many great features through which you can do powerful email marketing for your business on how do you send an email as a text message.


Pepipost claims to convert emails into revenue and it is designed for all business sizes and is the cheapest email marketing provider that offers professional email campaign bulk creation email service.


Moosend is a less known, but the cheapest bulk email marketing software service that allows you to send email campaigns at affordable prices. It comes with both SMTP and API integration with nearly all the required features.


SendinBlue is another low-cost email bulk service with multiple features like Signup Forms, RSS to Email, Email Analytics and QuickStats, Manage Subscribers List, Subscriber Segmenting and so on.


SendPulse is yet another cheapest bulk email service tool in the competition of cheap email marketing services that offers features like A/B Testing, RSS to Email, Analytics, drag and drop editor and how do you send an email as a text message.


It is an online email marketing low-cost service with great features and great prices. Its list of features includes Autoresponders, Email Creator, A/B Split Testing, Landing Page Creator, List Management and much more.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is the cheapest bulk email service with quite a good number of features and modest prices. It is good at analytics and support and serves you a handful of email templates and list building tools.


Mailjet is another low-cost email marketing software that helps businesses send successful news and letters in less time. It is a low priced email marketing solution that offers its users easy and simple email sending.


iContact is one of the affordable bulk email service software which again is priced moderately and allows multiple features at the same time. It also comes with features like Autoresponder, A/B split testing, Email Builder, Third-Party Integration and Online Surveying.

How To Send Bulk sms From Gmail

The following procedure will help or serve as a guide as to the way to send bulk sms from gmail:

Step 1>> Register in gmail service portal in which there is prices tab attached to it but you have to select the free plan that is available in the space provided, after then you sign up.

To continue how do you send an email as a text message, the next is you give your actual name, gmail address, mobile phone number and your desired password. This information is actually used to create an account for you as a new user.

With an account successfully created, you are automatically qualifies to the statement how do you send an email as a text message as the case may be you are entitle to the free plan of sending bulk email to your required destination without any charges apply..

Step 2>> You create a campaign that is select space provided as create a campaign and in the first box that appeared which is titled as the mailing list, you can select the appropriate list from the list of the messages outlined.

If you have successfully selected one out of the list, as in you have fully create a new list. But if you upload an existing list from the list of mail, you can check the addresses with the free email verification tool that you received.

Still how do you send an email as a text message, in continuation it allows online marketers to remove invalid gmails from the list of mail and it help to keep your email deliverability in term of rating it high. It also provides the option to segment lists according to the your criteria.

How Can I Send bulk SMS From GMail for Free?

In the space tag as the “from” section of the space, you can add the sending domain or your business address. And you can finally finish it by make an input of you as the sender, that is your name and also a captivating subject line on it.

Step 3>> Design an email templates the next step to how do you send an email as a text message, so in this step, you choose the type of template you want for the new gmail campaign. There is a variety of responsive ready made templates that you can use for free.

It is then you can use the drag and drop editor to personalize it to suit your intended campaign that is your choice. Alternatively a user like you can create a template from scratch with the help of the HTML editor because it’s a great helper.

4>> The next step is check and send, by now you need to confirm that all fields has being filled successfully in and that those information provided on the gmail is correct for the intended campaign that you desire.

This service provider will allow you in case of previewing emails composed before sending them. And this way you can view the email to see how it will appear in the mail box. You can simply click on the message body just to preview the message.


Onto how do you send an email as a text message you continue and go to Send now tag but however, if you do not want to send it immediately after you might of composed it finish you can go to send a message on tag to set a date and time to your choice of sending the mail out.

Step 5>> Measure statistics is the next step which is by tracking the statistics of a running email campaign is very important and useful for this process. This data helps the marketer or online business owner to know how many people opened the email which is the open rate.

It also help to know the figure of how many clicked on the link provided in the gmail that is click through rate and finally shows the number of subscribers who did not open it at all for you to acquire the figure of seen subscribers. Reports get further details tracked.

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