Techniques On How to Increase your Phone RAM (Simple & Working)

When you try to start any Games or Apps, your phone will abruptly hang, slow, or even switch off. It’s all due to insufficient RAM in your device. We can resolve this issue if we can expand our device’s RAM, also known as physical memory.

You’ve come to the right spot, and in this article I’ll show you how to boost your phone’s internal storage for free without using a physical memory card.

What You Need to Know About RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a storage device that is either built into or added to your mobile phone and is responsible for storing data. RAM is the most important component of your Android phone. It enables your Smartphone to operate more quickly and smoothly.

The inbuilt RAM is similar to a chip or panel that is permanently fixed to your phone board (irremovable), but the extended or external RAM is a plugged and play micro gadget that can be connected into your phone (removable).

They are both available in a variety of sizes, and capacities ranging from 512Mb to 1Gb, 2Gb, 8Gb, 16Gb, 128Gb, and so on.

Why Do You need to Upgrade your Phone Ram?

You may want to increase the RAM on your Android phone for a variety of reasons. If you have an incredibly old phone, this tip will undoubtedly assist you in improving the performance of your gadget. Alternatively, if you are dissatisfied with the performance of your gadget, you can use this way to improve it.The only requirement here is that your phone have a Micro SD Card port to allow you to expand your capacity. If your gadget does not have an SD Card slot, this method is unsuitable for you. If, on the other hand, your gadget has an SD Card slot, you’re set to go.

This topic will not be unfamiliar to you if you are the sort who watches and saves large files, particularly media files, on your phone. Regardless of the size of your phone’s RAM, there will come a moment when you will require extra storage space on your phone. You may either buy a new RAM to increase your capacity or attempt this free and simple solution. There are two ways to increase your RAM

  1. With Root
  2. without Root

in today’s post we will be talking about without root.

Tools Needed to Upgrade your Phone RAM

·        Class 4 memory card 

·        Smart RAM booster  

·        Non rooted android phone.


·       Smart RAM Booster can be downloaded from the Google Play Store:

·       Open the App after installation.

·       You can now Whitelist select apps for improved performance.

·     Alternatively, if you wish to enhance your device’s entire memory, simply click the “Boost Now” button.

  Now your Android Device will be boosted for higher performance by killing unwanted apps. This app comes really handy when you want to increase your Android Device’s RAM without having Root Access in your Device.

Increasing the RAM on an Android device is a piece of cake. This method works whether you have a smartphone or a tablet.

If you don’t have the money to upgrade to a flagship Android handset, you can utilize this strategy to extend the life of your current device. Expect no spectacular changes from your gadget, but its performance will undoubtedly increase, and the read/write speed of your SD Card will again play a role in achieving better outcomes.

That’s all I’ve got for now. You can see how simple it is to add RAM to any Android device. You may use this hack to run any app on your device if your smartphone doesn’t have enough RAM to execute it. This instruction will also help you optimize your Android device’s performance.

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