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free text message trickMTN free sms trick to send free text message free sms online, do you need it the answer is YES i no. Everybody wants MTN free text message trick to send free text message.

Today in this article you are going to learn how to send free text message unlimitedly with your MTN sim card. I mean how to send free sms online totally free and unlimited.

But before i go to teach you the step by step guide on how to send Mtn free sms trick to send free text message. I will tell you a little story of me, then show you how to use the this MTN free text message everytime and everyday.

My story on how i started to send free sms on MTN

I woke up late on tuesday in the morning for school last week then i remembered i that i needed to send a message. I had to either call or send message to my friend in school to help me mark attendance.

I quickly took my my phone and typed some strings of words to let him know. I clicked “send” expecting the message to be sent, unfortunately the message could not be sent.

I did not know that i was out of airtime, my recharge balance was 0.00k. It's not possible to send any message with such 0.00k balance, and i needed to send the urgent message.

How can i send this message then, i remembered a friend once taught me how to send Mtn free text message trick. I took out my phone again and repeated the procedure and that saved my ass from missing class.

Why you need Mtn free text message trick

If you are reading this now it means you must either be using a phone or a computer. Using a phone means that am you must be very familiar with recharging airtime or recharge cards.

We usually recharge airtime to either make calls, send messages or subscribe for internet data. We usually run out of recharge card and airtime to send message and calls which is very disheartening.

How real is Mtn free sms trick to send free text message

Is MTN free text message real. Yes the trick to send free sms online free is totally real and is here to stay, it is not going to stop working. Am sure that rang a bell in your ear right.

Then why waste your #4 each time you want to send message to friends, family or loved ones when you can actually send free sms with MTN.

Requirements to send free sms online

  • Working MTN sim card
  • A functioning phone
  • There must be network
  • 0.00k balance (Zero airtime)

Three methods to get MTN free sms trick

I suggest you try each of the ways to know which one can work for you MTN sim card so that you too can enjoy texting for free

First method

Step 1. Go to your phones message app

Step 2. Type in all the message you want to send.

step 3. Then in front of the number you want to, type this code 38708 or
step 4. Now immediately after the code type the person's number in international format without the + sign. For Example: this is the code 38708 and this is the person's number without the + sign 2348036127241
or 38709 2347066123239 then click send. If this first method did not work for you please try this second method

Second method

This second method is the easiest method to activate the and send free text message on MTN sim cards.

Step 1. Make sure your MTN account balance is empty

Step 2. Dial *460*1#. Now you can send free SMS to any MTN number. For you to send the second free message again, you dial *460*2# then send you can start sending.

To send the third message dial *460*3# to send yet another free text message. You need to be adding up to the numbers after *460* to continue sending your free text messages.

This second method is the easiest method to activate the and send free text message on MTN sim cards.

Third method

This method of to send free text message involves sending a signal message to a person son that the person can either call you back or send
you airtime.

Step 1. Open your phone book and diale *133#.A new menu will open with space to type in number.

step 2. Type the the number of the person you want to send the message to in the space, Then click send.

step 3. select the signal message phrase you want to send to person by typing the number behind the phrase, then click send. BOOOOM your message have been sent.

I hope you enjoy the trick. Please don't forget to share this with your friends and family using the share button.

If there is something you don't understand in this article on how to activate MTN free text message how to send free text message free sms
online, please use the comment box below to comment and i will clear the issue for you.

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