How You Can Easily Detect A Fake Phone Charger (Photos)

We all have a mobile phone and to keep this device working properly, you need a charger. The Issue today is knowing if you’re actually using the original or the fake charger.

Using an uncertified charger actually kills the life of the battery and that is why sometimes even if you charge your phone for hours, you still find it charging really slow. I’ll be showing you how you can be able to identify an original charger from a fake one.

See How You Can Differentiate Fake Phone Charger

1. Make sure to Always check the USB mouth because the Imitative ones are mostly longer than the real ones.

2. Check the USB terminal of the charger and the link, the real ones normally accompany a gold shading while the imitative ones are a sparkling or sometimes a silver shading.

3. Always check for the security marks and the sequential number of the charger, you’ll see that the number of the link and the one of the charger are not the same.

4. See if the composing is on the side, in the case where you find it on the side, it’s phony. Unique chargers always have their composed by the side or at the top.

5. Original chargers are always expensive, but you really need it to keep your mobile device from damage.

6. Counterfeit chargers and the link are consistently lighter than the real ones because of the helpless several parts that are utilized to make them. The first charger is supposed to weigh at any rate 40g.

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