Four (4) Things to Avoid for the health of your Mobile Phone, Android & Apple

Most times when a Phone breaks down or stops working the fault is not always from the Manufacturer or the inferior quality of the Phone, the major faults are from the carelessness and nonchalant attitude of a Phone User when making use of his/her Phone.

If a Phone suddenly shuts down without notification there must have been some irregular activities or action behind the sudden inactivity of such Phones. So if you desire to avoid any form of regret when you are still making use of your Mobile Phone, avoid the 5 mistakes which will be listed below;

1. Avoid Downloading from Unknown/ illegal sites.

Getting files, documents or movies downloaded from the unknown or unverified website is a thing common to young Boys and Girls who don’t know the dangers behind their ignorant acts. When you download from an unknown website, you are increasing the risk of you getting your Phone infected with one virus or the other, there is a very high probability that the Site you are downloading from is not protected from Hackers or internet criminals who can easily inject viruses/ Malware into your Phone which will make you have a bad/slow experience when using your phone compared to when it was new.

This can also cause your private data to be exposed and if it happens you risk losing your data to unknown persons who might exploit the opportunity to make use of your data for criminal purposes.

2. Avoid using your Phone without protection

This might be unreasonable to some Phone Users, but it is worthy of note that your carefulness will not save your phone from getting scratches and unwanted marks if they are not protected. You need to get your Phone protected if you want them to last longer and serve the purpose you purchased them for. Getting your Phone protected with Phone cases and strong glass for screen protection is a must and an action that will give you lasting enjoyment when you are making use of your Phone. It will also save you the cost of spending unnecessarily.

3. Avoid Using your Phone while charging

Thisis oneof the most common mistakes done by Phone users and this happens most times because they are always scared of letting their Phone battery drop below average. When you make use of your phone while you are charging, you increase the risk of making the Phone get hot to a very high degree and that may be a deadly impact on the Phone’s panel or Board. It can also contribute to the quick damage of your battery and make you lose the good services offered to you by the Phone.

4. Avoid charging overnight

Have you ever wondered why your strong battery stops been strong? One of the sole reasons for this is excess power infused in your Phone battery when it charges and this usually happens when you leave your phone to charge overnight. The best thing you should do if you are in a country with a low power supply is to set an alarm and watch your Battery percentage before your Phone overcharge. It will be a very bad thing if you lose your Phone’s battery when you least expected and aside from damages done to Battery, you risk some internal damages on your Phone which can cause it to break down unnecessarily. Therefore if you desire to make use Of your phone for a very long time, take overnight charging out of your plan or at least set an alarm to help you keep watch of your charging while you are asleep.

Taking note of the instructions given above will surely go a long way in preserving the lifeline of your Mobile Phone and I hope you enjoy making use of your phone.

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