Android Apps to Avoid Installing on Your Android Phone (2021)

As we all know, there are lots of applications available in the app market or play store. Deciding on the one to choose can be complicating. Even at that, some apps can be very dangerous and harmful to your android usability. That is why in this article, I will be talking about the types of Apps you should avoid when deciding on apps to use on your android phone.

Please keep in mind that this post is based on personal study and experience, and it is not intended to discourage you from installing any app of your choice, but rather to inform you that some applications can be more harmful than beneficial.

You can always check user reviews or, better still, download all of your apps from the Playstore because they scan each app and verify it doesn’t include anything to be concerned about.

The following are five types of applications that you should never install on your Android phone.

Android applications you should not install

1. Antivirus

Android antivirus applications are not only ineffective, but they can also have a negative impact on device performance owing to the continuous monitoring of files and system software that occurs when they are installed on the device. This process slows down your phone and causes it to hang or shut down unnecessarily.

2. Applications Requesting For User Permission Needlessly

Android permissions are critical to the security and control of our smartphones and tablets. Giving a flashlight app access to handle contacts, photos, and videos is not recommended if we want to keep our data safe; so, we recommend that you pay attention to the permissions of the apps. There are many apps that prompt you to grant access to your photos as well as contacts when there is really no need to. For example, game apps have nothing to do with your data, so when you notice this and cannot bypass the prompt then avoid this type of apps.

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3. Keyboard Apps

Keyboard applications are very popular among mobile apps, however despite their popularity, one should be careful when downloading them on your phone owing to the risk they pose to your data.

However, by installing them, you face the danger of having your data exposed due to its auto-save capability.

Even Microsoft’s SwiftKey ended up revealing the info of its customers!

4. RAM Freeing Apps (Apps That assist users to free up Storage space)

These types of apps use some part of your phone’s RAM and sometimes Processor to perform their functions. The Apps must always be ON most time because its duty is to close down Application that is no longer active. They may appear very useful at first instance, but they are more dangerous than they appear.

When using them, you will be notified that a few hundred MB or perhaps a few GB of space has been freed up. But in reality, the majority of the cleared memory are useful cache memory that is responsible for storing information which allows the program to run quicker

This memory should be deleted only when you are experiencing issues with a specific app, and not just anyhow.

You don’t, however, need an app for that! You can close each app by sliding to the side and clicking the square button on the right side of the screen! This will not keep unnecessary applications that you should not install open and running all the time, and it will provide the same results.

5. Free Games

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Free games are not always free as they appear, they are either filled with embarrassing ads or in-app purchases that require you to pay to be able to continue playing the game. They sometimes need sensitive and private permission (Contact, Camera access) that is rather not necessary, in other words, is a risk!

However, by being cautious and taking specific measures before installing a free game, this danger may be significantly reduced.

For example, search for information on the developer behind this game, read the reviews to determine whether it has a lot of advertising and pay attention to the permissions it requests so you may provide as minimal access as possible.

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